ODAS has a well-defined, effective, recognized and trusted role, in the management of international operations, mainly between France and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
ODAS skilled personnel are involved in large transformation programs with strong sovereignty interest, as trusted advisor, prime contractor, and catalyst for long-term industrial international cooperation.

N°1 - A solid balance sheet to remain a strong long-term partner<

ODAS’ five year multi billion € (euro) order backlog, strong positive cash situation and balanced result of operations give visibility and trust to its customers and shareholders. It sustains ODAS capability to invest in high added value international ventures (especially IKIP in KSA) to support the deployment and maintenance of delivered systems, and to create all types of education and training programs necessary for the development and the industrial independence of our customers.

N°2 - Execution and commitment<

ODAS is continuously developing and updating the skills of our highly experienced employees to support the execution of all contracts to the satisfaction of its customers. ODAS adheres to all international laws and regulations, including export clearances allowing delivering its commitments on time. ODAS performs all quality control checks, on behalf of the French Ministry of Defense, to deliver the committed technical and operational performance as if it were procured by the French Forces using the same national quality standards.

N°3 - Effective in FRANCE<

ODAS has the French State as a major shareholder, and will maintain strong relations with the ministries involved in export matters (especially Defense, Foreign Affairs and Finance). ODAS will continue to support its industrial shareholders in all requested export initiatives. ODAS will support the small and medium sized (SME) industries for their export development, with the support of the French State, and will develop its relations, for this purpose, with the French Public Investment fund (BPI).

N°4 - FOOTprint in KSA<

ODAS’ major objective, capitalizing on more than 40 years of presence in the Kingdom, is to support the country’s VISION 2030 deep transformation. ODAS will foster the development of high added value IKIP ventures between French and European industries with Saudi corporations, both in technology and production business. ODAS will support business innovation and skills, developing a deeper relation with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF).

N°5 - Operational performance and Transformation<

ODAS’ operational performance relies on highly skilled employees supporting its prime contractor role in driving complex programs with paramount objectives. The development of new technical and operational skills in various domains, such as intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance, C4I, digital transformation and cyber security is a priority. ODAS will also strenghten its consultancy activity assisting the Force Transformation (development of joint operations and creation of joint services) acting as a trusted advisor towards defense and security Forces (MOD and MOI).