Is ODAS the only way for doing business with French companies?

No. If and when ODAS’ value is not perceived as necessary, Client States can of course directly contract with French industries. ODAS’ value is often required for complex multi-suppliers programs, where a strong commitment from the French State is welcome or requested.

Is ODAS active in education and training to create jobs in the customer’s country?

Yes. ODAS has the will to support “education for jobs”, by fostering industrial ventures and putting in place, in partnership with education and research ministries in both the customer’s country and France, some smart educational paths, leading young candidates to identified long term skilled jobs.

Can ODAS put innovative financial schemes in place?

Yes.  Supported by its solid financial situation, reputation and links to its shareholders, ODAS can benefit from the banking system to obtain very attractive financial credits and loans.

What is the partition of ODAS activities in defense?


repartion of ODAS activities in defense


Can ODAS work with non-French companies?

Yes. Even if it is a strong priority for ODAS to promote the “French touch”, many SME or big French companies have now become European or international groups. Moreover, if a client state desires a special type of equipment coming from other countries, ODAS will do the job. (Example: a combat ship integrated in France, with a weapons system designed in the Netherlands, engines built in Germany, Italian weapons, communication systems from France and the USA).