TRUST: with all ODAS stakeholders (customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees)

ODAS aims at deserving the trust in all its behavior and commitments, especially when acting as prime of complex projects in sovereignty fields of activities. ODAS has to act with transparency. The skills of ODAS employees allow it to act as a trusted advisor to its customers in their transformation process. ODAS acts under the umbrella of recognized shareholders, among them the French Government, to deliver important and complex programs in sensitive fields such as defense and security, where trust is a key asset.

CUSTOMER INTIMACY: with a deep knowledge of customers’ needs

ODAS tirelessly cultivates a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and requirements, to support them in the most effective way, especially when these customers are facing concerning and difficult situations. More specifically, ODAS has over 40 years of presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is embedded with a local branch which understands the customer culture and organization, and will continue supporting the Country’s deep transformation (VISION 2030), with a catalyst role.

PERFORMANCE: achieving the delivery of systems and services to customer’s satisfaction

Delivery on time, with a complete fulfillment of our contractual obligations, is absolutely essential, never leaving our customers in a difficult situation. ODAS makes sure to always secure the supply chain for the purpose of delivering the program as expected by the customers. The benefit of the deep link between ODAS and the French Ministries allows ODAS to perform to official and proven French State quality  standards. Contracts shall be executed with a fair and balanced relation between the suppliers and the final customer, where ODAS plays a referee role.

FLEXIBILITY: agile, answering proactively, adapting and matching business models to needs

ODAS, managed as a private company, is independent from its suppliers, has the capability to purchase in flexible ways, has the ability to adapt contractual schemes to the budget constraints of its customers, and can propose innovative solutions using all types of technologies, products and services from numerous French and European suppliers.

UNITY: “one ODAS” culture and processes

ODAS mixes expertise, engineering and operational skills, which allows the best match in designing technical solutions to meet operational needs. The culture and the processes are results-oriented. The size of the company allows a very integrated teamwork, everyone working towards the same goals with partners and customers.