The company

ODAS is a private company created in 2008 at the request of the French state, succeeding SOFRESA (1974) in developing French exports in the defense, security and high-tech fields. 

The company manages government-to-government. It provides the capabilities of a “French FMS” (Foreign Military Sales), without the disadvantages, particularly the budgetary allocation under the Treaty of Maastricht of the European Union.

The shareholder structure is classical and largely reflects its activity: the French State is the sole reference shareholder (34%). The other shareholders are large French defense manufacturers; none of them holding more than 10% of the shares. The French State, by its direct control and shares that it holds in the defense groups in question, indirectly holds over 51% of the shares.

ODAS combines the flexibility of the private sector (e.g.: clear procedures, no absolute obligation for tender) with “G-to-G” contract security (the major, sole reference shareholder, access to state expertise structures such as French Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense (DGA) engineering and testing experts, etc.).

Strictly speaking, the company is not looking to increase any market share as commercially-minded compagnies do. ODAS is accompanying the actions of the French State and the various entities linked to our Customer Governments (such as ministries or sovereign funds). ODAS is particularly suited for all sovereign markets, especially in the fast field of security, whether military or commercial.

Working method

Whether it is assisting contractualization by the Governmental Customer or owning a complex project on behalf of multiple European stakeholders - ODAS structures, presents and negociates industry’s bids. Moreover ODAS acts as the drafter of contracts, from the most basic to the most complex.

The company acts as program manager and monitors execution, step by step and line by line, for the entire duration of the contract. ODAS signs the main contract with the Client-State and the corresponding contracts with the manufacturers and service providers: SFM Contract which amounts to over $3 billion and includes more than thirty French industrial suppliers to ODAS is a good example of this.

ODAS has the flexibility and the reactivity of a private company as well as the warranty and trust of a state owned company.

ODAS works in strict application of the international laws and regulations, in accordance with a set of rules of compliance and a code of ethics. 

ODAS gives access, when necessary, to support and advice from the French Armed forces and the DGA.

ODAS also handles all questions linked to French (or other) export authorizations, transportation, and customs clearance of deliveries.