State owned:

  • Commitment of French State (performance and right price guaranteed to be fair and reasonable, with successful delivery);
  • Being at arm’s length of any industrial company, we are a trusted advisor to our customers;
  • Supported by the French administration teams to solve any issue regarding program control, export licence or quality/acceptance tests.


But private:

  • Managed as a privately owned company: capability to hire the best expertise on the market, process adapted to the defense sector according to industry’s best practices;
  • Short decision cycle with an agile organization and customer oriented objectives;


Cost effective:

  • Light structure and teams with a wide range of skills and an experience managing contract;
  • Very reasonable competitive management fee: comparable to US FMS cost of operation;
  • No dividends expected by shareholders, just balanced accounts; 
  • Sourcing policy is free from any manufacturer input.


A proven prime Contractor:

  • Staffing is balanced between industry and Armed Forces. Strong expertise in industrial & operational aspects;
  • Strong knowledge of real operations in defense and security fields, in particular in digital transformation;
  • Strong knowledge of up-to-date technologies & systems;
  • Implementation of continuous improvement, according to PMP-PMI standards, for program management process.


A Federative role in France:

  • Capacity to federate French and European companies under common objectives, thanks to ODAS’ expert knowledge of technical, industrial and business stakes;
  • Strong influence (supported at the highest level in the French state).