Message from the President and CEO

In a troubled world in which benchmarks are often unclear, our company, ODAS, and all its staff, must demonstrate a flawless mind-set that inspires confidence in our customers and our suppliers. For this, we must build on a simple, clear, yet fundamental code of conduct, which reflects the implementation of our values, on both an individual and a team level.

This is the purpose of this Ethics Charter, the spirit and content of which must be known and implemented by everyone. Our reputation relies on this.

Daniel Argenson


ODAS was founded on three fundamental values to guide its actions and guarantee its longevity:

Customer research: means paying specific attention to their needs, to provide them with advice and assistance with their choices and provide them with a specific, appropriate and personalised offer.

Transparency in operational performance: carried out in accordance with the commitments undertaken regarding deadlines and costs, but also constant supervision of the different stakeholders involved in the performance of a contract and the resolution of difficulties encountered, with full transparency for the suppliers and the customer.

Cohesion: mobilises all the staff in France and abroad with the same team-spirit, to develop ODAS and satisfy customers.


Each member of staff at ODAS must act in an ethical, loyal and professional manner in all circumstances during their relations with ODAS customers, its suppliers and partners, but also with regard to the other members of staff and the shareholders.

In the spirit of the values reiterated above, this charter therefore sets out the code of conduct applicable at ODAS. These rules do not replace the national or international legislation in force in each country, or the internal rules. Each member of staff, including external and one-off partners, must be familiar with and implement these rules, led by the staff who hold a managerial role.

These rules are broken down into 4 main areas of focus.

2.1. With regard to customers and suppliers

ODAS establishes long-lasting relations with its customers and suppliers, built on trust and mutual respect.

ODAS commitments:

ODAS carries out its commercial activity with strict adherence to national, European and international legislation, particularly the principles set out by the OECD convention on the fight against corruption of 17 December 1997 and the subsequent texts, namely the law n° 2016-1691 of 9 December 2016 on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of the economy, known as the «Sapin 2» law, and the relevant implementing decrees.

To this end, ODAS is forbidden from directly or indirectly granting any public official or an employee of its customers any undue advantage so that they act or refrain from acting in favour of ODAS in the performance of their duties.

In the same way, no member of staff is authorised to request or accept any gift or benefit, unless these gifts or benefits fall within the strict scope of those permitted by the rules in force and commonly accepted practices, and are not likely to influence, or give the impression of influencing, a decision of ODAS in any way.

For the reputation of the company, ODAS pays specific attention to ensuring there is no conflict of interest between the personal or financial interests of a member of staff or their family, and those of the company.

ODAS complies with the rules applicable to the inspection of exports.

Customer relations:

Customer satisfaction is the priority of ODAS to ensure its longevity, but also its development.
This requires identifying immediate or future needs of customers to present appropriate and innovative offers, but also adhering to the contractual commitments and, finally, implementing in-depth monitoring and verification of the correct performance of the contracts signed with its customers.

Choice of suppliers:

The suppliers are chosen on the basis of the needs or requirements of the customers.
To increase efficiency, ODAS fully involves its suppliers in the drafting of the offer provided to the customer.
ODAS expects its suppliers to comply with the 10 key principles set out by the UN Global Compact.

2.2. With regard to members of staff

ODAS acts as a responsible employer, demonstrated by active social dialogue with the staff representative bodies and the regular provision of information to staff regarding the company’s objectives, in order to encourage their involvement in overcoming challenges and strengthening team-spirit.

  • ODAS pays specific attention to:
  • respecting individuals and their privacy;
  • protecting of personal data and the legal obligations by which it is bound in this respect;
  • health and safety at work;
  • respecting the cultures of the countries in which it operates;
  • providing constant, essential training to maintain a high level of skills and promote career development within the company.

2.3. With regard to shareholders

ODAS is committed to disclosing reliable information to its shareholders, in accordance with its legal obligations.

The operations and transactions carried out by ODAS are accurately and fairly recorded in the accounts, in accordance with the regulation in force and the internal procedures.

Generally, ODAS endeavours to earn the trust of its shareholders.

2.4. With regard to the company


In the context of their duties, each member of staff or each external and one-off partner may be required to access or possess information of a confidential nature belonging to ODAS or third parties. They must comply with the internal guidelines on this matter, namely the safety instructions applicable to foreign travel.

Protecting defence secrecy requires strict adherence to regulation by authorised staff.

Image protection:

To protect the ODAS brand image, only the ODAS President-CEO is authorised to communicate or respond to external requests for information.

2.5. With regard to the environment

ODAS undertakes to adhere to the national and international rules regarding the environment, both in France and in the countries in which it operates.

ODAS endeavours to limit the environmental impact of its activities, as well as to reduce its energy consumption, its waste production and its use of natural resources.


  • ODAS is aware of its responsibilities with regard to its staff, its external partners and civil society.
    Its objective is threefold:
  • manage the ethics policy
  • communicate to and train staff in ethics
  • investigate «suspected» cases of non-compliance

ODAS believes that the ethics charter must be implemented throughout all levels of hierarchy; it is a question of day-to-day behaviour. Given the legislative and regulatory environment, ethics is a key topic and a priority for ODAS.

Through the publication thereof via the company’s internal communication tools, this ethics charter is brought to the attention of each member of staff, who must respect it. A copy will be provided to each external and one-off partner.

The charter may also be communicated outside of the company, namely to customers, suppliers and shareholders.

It shall also be published on the ODAS website.

This charter is part of a large-scale compliance programme implemented at the instigation and under the responsibility of the Senior Management.

To accompany the deployment and implementation of this programme, the Senior Management has appointed a «compliance officer» for this purpose.

  • The duties of this compliance officer are to:
  • carry out regular internal controls,
  • inform the Senior Management of any malfunctions,
  • suggest improvements,
  • recommend staff training and information actions
  • and implement an appropriate procedure to identify and process malfunctions, namely in the context of whistle-blowing.

In order to strengthen the Company’s ethics policy, ODAS has implemented a whistle-blowing procedure, in accordance with the requirements of the law n° 2016-1691 of 9 December 2016 on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of the economy, and the relevant implementing decree of 20 April 2017. The Whistle-Blowing Procedure is aimed at supplementing and strengthening the ODAS compliance programme.